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Cleaning method for filter cloth of plate and frame filter press


After the plate and frame filter press has finished its work, it needs to be maintained to ensure the good use of the plate and frame filter press. At the end of the work, the filter cloth is pulled out and washed by the plate and frame filter press. For the whole plate and frame filter press equipment, it is necessary to clean up comprehensively and remove the residues above, so as not to become solid in the equipment for a long time, which will result in the decrease of the efficiency of the plate and frame filter press and a long time. It is easy to damage, so that the gains outweigh the gains.

In the process of filtration, the filter cloth needs to be crossed in the outlet channel of the filtrate. In addition to blocking solids, the plate-and-frame filter press will affect liquids more or less. The long-term work of the plate-and-frame filter press will lead to long-term contact between the filter cloth and the filtrate. In addition, it works in a high pressure environment, so it leads to more and more. Many of the solid particles in the filtrate are attached to the filter cloth.

Under normal circumstances, manual filter can be used when cleaning filter cloth. Gently remove the filter cloth from the frame and then immerse it in the water. It works better in warm water. After soaking for an hour, you can rub it repeatedly with your hands and add detergent. You can also use a brush, that is, a household shoe brush. You can gently remove impurities from the filter cloth. After cleaning, replace it with clean water.

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