Plate frame filter cloth

Nylon filter cloth


This series of filter cloth is made of polyamide (nylon, PA) fibers, which can be divided into two categories: nylon filament filter cloth and nylon single filament filter cloth. According to the physical and chemical properties of nylon fibers, this series of products have the characteristics of alkali resistance, weak acid resistance, oxidation resistance, mildew resistance, good wear resistance and high temperature adaptability to work environment. The tensile strength of nylon 66 (PA66) is the best in synthetic fibers. The performance indexes of commonly used nylon 66 (PA66) are better than that of nylon 6 (PA66), and its adaptability is broader. Various kinds of raw material combinations with different specifications and different organizational structures can be selected to form various products with different filtration performance and appearance to meet different application requirements.

This series of products are mainly used for solid-liquid separation in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, mining, coal, and sewage treatment industries, such as plate and frame pressure filter, belt filter, vacuum suction filter and so on.

The main products of this series are: (N856) 4931 PA636.

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