Corporate culture

Founded in April 2015, Fico Electronics is a professional enterprise engaged in importing screw pump spare parts alternative services, providing single screw pump sales, services and solutions.

Fico's electromechanical team is composed of young people with vigorous and outstanding abilities. All employees are from the fluid industry, with more than 10 years'experience in the industry. The concept of active, innovative, inclusive and happy always runs through the development of the electric machinery. Every employee is very clear about his position in the team. The perfect integration of individual behavior and collective interests constantly stimulates self-confidence and creativity. It has always been our pride to provide employees with a good working environment and broad development space.

At the same time, the company has set a high standard for employees' basic quality and professional skills. We firmly believe that "focusing on employee growth, creating value for customers, rewarding investors and taking social responsibility" will promote Fico Mechatronics and employees to move towards a sustainable and brilliant future. The company's growth and progress require your talents and efforts. Fico Electronics also promises to wholeheartedly promote the growth and development of employees.

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